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    Pending Application #2

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    Pending My Staff Application

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    Pending My Staff Application

    Please explain all of these logs for me as they don't fill me with confidence (Granted some of these logs were a while ago I still want to know your take on them) Your answer to Question 8 to me sounds like you pre-emptively stating you will not do much as a staff member. I'd like you to...
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    Rate the music above you

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    Giving Away Two Unusuals

    I think it would honestly be a crime for me to not mention this iconic quote. "We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents." His art was amazing but I think my (and a lot of other people) favourite thing about him was him. His demeanour, voice, actions, jokes, etc. Everything about...
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    Rate-O-Staff pt 4

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    Giving away some items

    Anything we did in LA :elonmusk:
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    Rate the music above you

    Cute 8/10
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    Rate the music above you

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    Face Reveal Thread

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    Kek's Resignation AMA

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    Scorch's Cool Resignation AMA

    Ayo wtf this shit is still active? Bet. I joined and then I saw @Kyo and immediately tried jumping off of a cliff. Good keeper, doesn't play enough games though so I wouldn't start him over De Gea or even Pickford/Pope in England.