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    Your thoughts on 2fort?

    It’s one of my favorite maps.
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    Favourite TF2 Map

    My favorite map of all time is turbine.
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    What is your least favorite/played class and why?

    I don’t like playing the medic either, mostly because ur always healing and not killing anyone.
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    Favorite Class and Weapon

    i like the le'trange
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    Favorite Spy Knife

    lol wrong class my friend
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    Favorite Primary Secondary & Melee Weapon?

    good combo for sniper
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    Chrome or Firefox?

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    Beware of This Scammer(s)

    You’d be surprised
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    The UberSaw needs a nerf

    I like your artwork
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    How to check amount of hours on a server?

    Thanks guys didn’t know how to check either
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    The UberSaw needs a nerf

    I think u might be right
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    Combine your username with the person above you

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    Favorite Spy Knife