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    Pending TF2 New Force-Class LR

    Make a new VIP and/or VIP+ LR to make everyone a certain class without an admin needing to be online (if you want to include custom LR, sure why not) (Direct repost from the suggestions channel, though it might be better places here instead for an increased audience)
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    TF2 January 20 2022

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    how do i chagne my siguatnautre

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    Team Fortress Two moment
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    RIP Dislike button on YT

    that’s been existing
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    A Jailbreak freezing a lot.

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    getting ideas for a new hammer project

    getting ideas for a new hammer project
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    Accepted Jailbreak wmenu

    +1 please god i accidentally pressed remove warden marker 5 times in a row
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    Unpopular Opinions

    The stock revolver is the best since it’s reliable with good aim, and it’s not cheap
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    Rate me

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    Resolved why am i getting 20 credits

    smartest answer ever 10/10 but seriously you probably did favorite and are in the group
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    FORTRESS (TIME Magazine Parody)

    I’m looking through threads and found this, pretty cool
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    RIP Dislike button on YT

    it was annoying not to see the ratio of likes and dislikes
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    Comment and I’ll rate you

    coca cola
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    TF2 Most Hated LR Day

    Chaos chaos