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    TF2 What is the worst class in TF2, Crutch wise?

    I hate to say it, but I have to with Heavy. A "Crutch" is typically a term related to something making things easier, so if we're looking at a specific class, it has to be Heavy. Heavies have a lot of HP, can deal very high damage, can heal their teammates and supress enemies. There's a reason...
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    Declined Bung's Staff Application

    -1 Same reasons as above
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    Declined Ban Appeal

    I'm afraid this is no different to the last time you appealed. Using scripts is cheating and cheating is not tolerated under any circumstances. Declined
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    Declined DAVEY's Second Application

    Yes, question 6 is more about using admin-accessed commands to maintain the server during play. At this moment in time, I do not see much of a problem other than what Scorch has posted. Because of this I will remain Neutral for now but leaning greatly towards a +1
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    Declined Shooting my shot here I guess(GamerBro2357/Milkman)

    -1 I'm still not convinced your maturity has improved quite enough yet. I wouldn't say you have far to go but I still want to see some more improvements.
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    Declined Bio Medic's 2nd Application

    -1 The attitude problem needs to be fixed.
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    Declined Platinum’s Second Application

    -1 The reasons have already been stated above.
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    Declined Unban Appeal

    Denied We do not tolerate cheating under any circumstances.
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    What is your guys' favorite chips?

    If I hear another Americanism, someone's going to die :goodsmile:
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    Cheers lads :D

    Cheers lads :D
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    -1 In my experience, the Razorback is not only a balanced weapon, but it's one of the best items for Snipers in JB. The whole matter about snipers baiting in a cell isn't exactly what I would call an ideal argument since it's only going to stop spies and not other classes (most maps are bound to...
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    So I Got Hacked Again Lmao

    I'm curious, how did you manage to get hacked again?
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    Declined Banned for hackusations

    Can you explain what this exploit was?
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    Declined ban appeal?

    You'll have to go through with the duration of the ban, which is one day. Take the time to learn from this mistake and ensure it won't happen again. I've seen you in game and I believe you will fix this in the future. Denied
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    Declined DAVEY's Application

    Evidence submitted already is more than enough to show me that your way of approaching problems isn't adequate for a staff member, let alone your poor attitude. -1