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    Declined Unmute and Ungag?

    I'm going to have to decline this appeal. You already said you did it, so just wait out the punishment. Also, you can't join blue because you are silenced to avoid having no mics in blue. Appeal Denied.
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    My Application

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    MrDevil101's Staff Application

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    Appeal Just an random ban for no reason

    If you don’t reply back in the next 24 hours, I will deny this appeal.
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    Appeal Just an random ban for no reason

    You were banned for a duplicate account which means you got banned for trying to avoid a ban by using an alt. I checked and you have multiple accounts stating they have a vac ban. For example, this account. Can you explain?
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    Appeal Just an random ban for no reason

    You just gotta look for your name on the website. Can you also please give me your steam profile.
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    Appeal Just an random ban for no reason

    There’s a reason that there’s a url to wonderland’s ban site. That’s where you can check your ban. Could you send me your profile?
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    The cutest staff you all admire?

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    Declined Ban Appeal

    This is literally just a copy and paste from your last appeal. Also, you must wait minimum of 4 weeks before appealing again. Appeal denied.
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    can we have dark mode on the forums?

    wtf this is a good idea
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    Declined Ban Appeal

    You were warned to stop being racist and using alterations of racist terms. Wait out the ban. Appeal Denied
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    Declined Muted for racism

    If you keep doing this you're getting warned. Appeal denied.
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    Declined Muted for racism

    Appeal denied.
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    My 12th application

    Best app give this guy owner