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    Pending Re-Application | 8

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    Pending Neliel's second application

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    Another way to spend credits [For Jailbreak]

    If a person was VIP and he played on the servers for about maybe a day, you can remove a permanent ban or long time ban which isn't a good idea. If a person was guardbanned, then it is their fault. They can appeal a guardban. Having a credit system to remove bans diminishes the purpose of even...
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    It's almost that time of season again.

    Time to pull rapid-fire -1's on them apps :savage:
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    Combine your username with the person above you

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    Pi π

    Basically continue Pi by 3 digits. I’ll start: 3.14 (Idk I’m bored oof)
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    Favourite taunt?

    Conga and Schadenfreude
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    First thing that comes to you'r mind

    Tetris Exams I'm gonna fail at life why
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    mad lad lems here

    Welcome! xd
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    Chain Reaction!

    Seeker Media
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    Beware of This Scammer(s)

    I never had this type of scammer so this is a first for me. That’s why I kind of believed it at first
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    I have no will to live

    I was joking lol. Please don’t add this. :v
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    Y'all ever feel like internet explorer was just created to download google?

    I search for google on google
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    Explain your funniest TF2 moment, whether casual, community, mvm etc.

    In jailbreak, one of the reds played Cha-cha slide and all the reds and blus were doing the dance in tf2. It was honestly the best moment ever. Also, one of the reds when the lyrics said "How low can you go" hit his kill bind and just flopped to the ground. It was honestly the funniest thing ever.
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    Beware of This Scammer(s)

    I know this may sound cliche and y'all probably know not to trust these types of scammers, but it's something to know so that you can just instantly deny them. So here is the scammer: User: [SR] Pyromancer First this person just randomly said he...