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    flex your pc specifications

    a giant potato with ancient technology
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    Requirements: More then 2 friends [ ✘ ] Speaks robloxian [ ✔ ] Has cool name [ ✔ ] Member in our clan [ ✘ ] At least 5+ years old [ ✘ ] Roblox playtime: 2000+ hours [ ✔ ] No minecraft account [ ✔ ] Donated robux [ ✘ ] Sufficient English skills. [ ✔ ] Owning and actively using a teamspeak...
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    Hey, What entertains you?

    stuff like this
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    I wanna fucking die

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    Resolved delet this

    low frames ik
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    Resolved delet this

    someone probably have already made a post about this
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    How many years have you played Tf2 for?

    just installed
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    Have you ever been scammed?

    Scammed from
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    tf2 comp
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    May the Jin be with you, always.

    good stuff
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    this or that?

    Snow-activities because I have never seen snow in my entire life Die seeing the heavy update or live without it
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    Count to One Million

    2 3 4 2 mil ok shut this down
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    Count to One Million

    2 mil ok shut this down
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    First word

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    Resolved Hacking

    His profile: Server: Wonderland SG | Trading #2 Demo file of me spectating him:
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    How was everyone's 4th of July?

    I watched anime
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    What's the stupidest thing you've heard someone say in Jailbreak/ in a WL server

    Edit: My friend said the same thing on an empty wln server once
  19. jGag

    W + M1ing

    Technically the flamethrower is made to wm1 besides airblasting sooo I think it's alright
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    Just a question

    Oh damn, I never knew. Ok thanks for the info