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    Pending Re-Application | 8

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    Pending Neliel's second application

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    Hey, its me!

    Hello and welcome.
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    Hello onii-chan uwu

    Hello onii-chan uwu
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    hello im new to this community

    Hello and welcome.
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    Hallu c:

    Hi and welcome uwu
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    hello am spy god

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    Soo.. How did the first of april go for you?

    I was sleeping all day.
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    Finally arriving at the forums

    Hello and welcome.
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    Catrina/Dart here!

    Welcome to the forums.
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    Hey,I'm new here!

    Hello and welcome.
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    Does Heavy need a 'Fat Scout' buff?

    Fat scout is more of a gimmick loadout then anything else, I don't think it really should be competitively viable.
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    mad lad lems here

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    Yo im the fresh meat u wu

    Hello and welcome.
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    some new guy

    Hello and welcome.
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    What other games do u guys like?

    The only other game I have any interest in currently is overwatch, and seems to be on a decline in terms of popularity recently.