team fortress 2

  1. cottage

    Selling Selling Unusuals, Stranges, Festives, KS', & Warpainted Items

    Yea.. I'm pretty cool. If your too lazy to check what I've stated below, here's the Hyperlink to all things I'm selling plus some cool stuff c: (Items will be crossed out as items get removed. Keep in mind this may be outdated) All Things listed are put below for listings (...
  2. pig_benis

    Banned for no reason

    So I was playing Jailbreak, I went to my files to change my spray. When I came back, I was banned. At the time I was unaware of getting banned even for changing a spray while in-game. Can I get a ban appeal? STEAM ID:
  3. The pootis guy

    Yet again I get vote kicked...

    Can you please remove the votekick feature in Zombie escape? I've got banned again for no reason. This has to be removed, I do have proof that I just got kicked again because the vote system was shown for less then 1 second which I cannot screen shot it. I know your rules but this is way too...
  4. ShotgunGoose

    Declined ban appeal Explain what happened / why you have been banned: it was a long time ago, but i think i was banned for cheating on one of your team fortress 2 server, yes i did cheat but i did it in an ult account, and i don't use that account anymore, after a...
  5. Artezzy

    Accepted ban restriction is still going, although one of moderator accepted my appeal

    it was long ago ive asked for appeal and one of administrator accepted it, but today when im about to play into wonderland server, ban restriction is still going. i think ive lost my forum account and the thread, but i hope any of admin could find it for me. if you need detailed information...
  6. sowon

    TF2 How to Create Your Own Custom TF2 Hitsound & Killsound (Windows)

    Team Fortress 2's basic 'DING' and 'GONG' default custom hitsounds can sound a bit boring or sometimes distracting in the most crucial times, so luckily we have the opportunity to make some custom hitsounds & killsounds for ourselves to customise our games' sounds, whether you want a hitsound...
  7. 4zy1

    Invalid Favoritism and Freekill

    A user by the name of "R U S S I A" freekilled me and killed only me when both me and a Sniper jumped when it was "no jump day", he said "kill just the demo". The screenshots are from the next round. This is his Steam profile:
  8. The pootis guy

    Declined Broken Command (!weps) in your zombie server and that got me banned....

    Why I got banned: Using !weps to "exploit" zombie escape Why I should get unbanned: I know it's not fair to use weapons like the boston basher, baby face, jumpers, and jetpack but couldn't you just remove the command all together? I got a ban for using the boston basher as a flying weapon...
  9. Love

    TF2 Spy vs Pyro (Who Would Win?)

  10. D J I K

    Declined Muted & banned from a team

    I can't join team GUARDS in "Team Fortress 2" & I am also muted even though it says I'm not guardbanned. Admin Abuse?
  11. Main

    Declined ban appeal

    1.) Explain what happened / why you have been banned: I got banned for being in cheating related groups twice for the same group. 2.) Tell us why we should unban you: So, i have been playing on other community servers the hole time now and i really want to get back into Wonderland. I really...
  12. Herobrine24

    Declined Deactivate the "+use" command on Jailbreak Servers

    The issue with +use on Jailbreak servers is that it is an untracable interaction that can be abused by anyone. For instance, several guards are standing at a button that toggles a minigame door with lethal properties. If one would to shoot it, everyone would know who it would be. With +use no...
  13. Homeless Teletubby

    Will do mediocre SFM comissions for c̶r̶e̶d̶i̶t̶s̶ free

    just don't expect too much, okay?
  14. Homeless Teletubby

    Will do mediocre comissions for credits

    Reply with what you want and I'll say a price (its not that expensive, since I ain't very good...) Instead of price being different compared to effort, quality is different between effort, (that didn't make sense) i.e. a simple one character picture will be much better than a full poster with...
  15. Q

    Accepted Can I be un-perma-guardbanned on JB?

    1. TF2 Profile: Sgt. Quackers 2. Since I accidentally mass free-killed with a miss click. (Since I have a sensitive mouse.) I was temporarily banned from Wonderland servers for a week. This has caused a permanent guard ban. 3. I always see wardens not giving orders correctly and free killing...
  16. kai09

    Jailbreak Appeal + Poll

    Hello! I was a very good fan of the Jailbreak game mode. I was starting to have fun until I saw that I was guard banned for staying alive for sixty minutes. Please accept this. If you do, then I promise to die by any in-game hazards in that mode. Oh and by the way, try out the poll I made in...
  17. Nostalgic Fortress 2

    Resolved Disrespectful player.

    The name of the player is Rocketman909, and his steam id is Firebirdjr, here's his steam profile link: This incident happened today on June 19th 2018 at around 11 PM. The server IP is: He was a very rude and disrespectful player in...
  18. NimSS

    Allow free speech on all servers.

    I still don't see why racism, legal harassment, and other topics are banned to say in chat, even as example. I also don't see how allowing these things would ruin the server, just have no spam rules and then your server is fine. If your so confident that racism and harassment are terrible...