1. Bunnyboi

    Wonderland Community Clips Project (+Newest Video)

    Greetings, everyone! I would like to inform you all that I am going to be making a community clip project for wonderland and made a google forms for it. Come submit your clips to be featured in the compilation~ Also I made a thing. Come check it out, it's some nice flare action this time O_O
  2. ItsStartx

    TF2 Odd deep voice

    Hello! I'm new here so I apologise if I do something wrong. Anyways, all of my class voice lines (except heavy and engineer) are deep and I can't seem to find a fix for it. I've tried ressenting it in the help menu, but nothing happens. If someone could look into it or maybe even fix it, that...
  3. cottage

    Selling Selling Unusuals, Stranges, Festives, KS', & Warpainted Items

    Yea.. I'm pretty cool. If your too lazy to check what I've stated below, here's the Hyperlink to all things I'm selling plus some cool stuff c: (Items will be crossed out as items get removed. Keep in mind this may be outdated) All Things listed are put below for listings (...
  4. i'msorryformysins

    loli hentai tag

    can we get a loli hentai tag 1612729195 please loli hentai tag
  5. Mygiwara

    TF2 What is your Favorite/Least Favorite Weapon(s) for each class?

    *Side Note: Favorite/Least Favorite does always mean best/worst weapons, e.g., I like the Winger more than the Pocket Pistol, but I think the Pocket Pistol is statistically better, as it has life leech and 4 more shots than the Winger* My Favorites Scout Primary: Force-a-Nature(Does a lot of...
  6. Swampfire

    Did you get this Message when you Add Funds

    Did you get this Message Story = I got this message when I was going to buy smoking Jacket and I literally added fund twice that day and this is what happened I can't but Smoking Jacket until it's 16 Oct 2020 Since I am lucky that I was not playing the game until 21 Oct but is this annoying
  7. unlogicalsnek

    Invalid I've seen one of my friends getting perma banned and he doesn't know why.

    Right, so I woke up this "morning" (actually at 1 PM) and I saw some messages from some friends, then I saw one of my friend's messages saying: He looks pretty sad, from what I see. I went over to check his ban and he had 2x 1 day bans and 1x perma ban. The perma ban said: I was confused as...
  8. unlogicalsnek

    TF2 I got a map

    Ok so, after all of this time, i have finally decided to make a map similar to minecraftworld_a7 called "mcworld_b<version number>". (I think you can tell what that <> stands for.) It might be a bit weird and i did take a structure and modified it on my new map, but that's about it. At the...
  9. Xypher

    TF2 August 3 2020

    General Added /hours command. Displays your total playtime on the servers. Removed /radio Reworked /menu Fixed VIP player coloring Reworked VIP feet effects All servers now use fixed weapon spread Jailbreak Fixed cosmetics not working Fixed case where LR could not be given on last RED alive...
  10. Xypher

    TF2 August 1 2020

    Deathrun: Disabled the Equalizer, Escape Plan, Sandman, & Wrap Assassin. Fixed spawning as a civilian. Increased amount of maps to exclude from vote from 3 to 6 (can't be voted for if played recently). Added maps: dr_block_v9 dr_charity_final dr_grizzly_a2 dr_hotline_miami dr_industry_a3...
  11. The Insane Rainbow Demon

    TF2 How 2 easly get kicked from tf2 casual

    Well i have brony name on my steam and im geting kicked from casual tf2 for it so i have some tips for ya how to easly get kicked from ther ;) -use a pony name -have a pony pic -tryhard -kill friendlys -kill people that are dueling -do map objective -be a jerk -play a game -wear stupid hats...
  12. Tinkinator

    Declined Re-add dr_multirun to deathrun

    Myself and Coronarena (the map creator), don't understand why it has been removed from the deathrun server? May we have it re-added please? If not please provide an explanation as to why it was removed from the map rotation. Thanks
  13. Artezzy

    Accepted ban restriction is still going, although one of moderator accepted my appeal

    it was long ago ive asked for appeal and one of administrator accepted it, but today when im about to play into wonderland server, ban restriction is still going. i think ive lost my forum account and the thread, but i hope any of admin could find it for me. if you need detailed information...
  14. Swampfire

    To Do !wear Command Suggestions

    Hello, I am Chocolate Spy, There is a command to get all cosmetics wore by us i am going to say Those little bugs,New stuff and Misc! Lets begin Bugs. 1.)Half Of The Hats/Miscs well collide even without Gibus Bonus)People who wear gibus has atleast have there hat in a weird postion,so gibus is...
  15. fsq

    TF2 (NVIDIA) How to make your game look blocky

    Heyo! For this guide you will need NVIDIA inspector, what we will be doing is we'll be lowering our lod bias all the way to 20, making our game look like those n64 games from an old era. 1) Download NVIDIA inspector and open the nvidiaProfileInspector.exe 2) At the top, click on the dropdown...
  16. unlogicalsnek

    Technical Broken "sensei" name tag

    Well, i had the "sensei" name tag for a while now and i've been on other servers where the name tag was missing, but now it's missing out of my shop inventory. I payed 1 million credits for it, but now i have 1 million credits again (total of over 3 million credits if unspent/unused). This could...
  17. Goofy

    TF2 What should be added to TF2?

    if Valve ever decides to continue updating TF2, what are some things you would like to see? What ideas would you have if you could work on TF2? New game modes? New weapons? Maybe even a new class??
  18. Goofy

    TF2 Whats your thoughts on the hackers/aim-bots on the casual game mode?

    As some of you may know, there has been ALOT of hackers on casual lately. What do you do to try to counter them? Can you counter them? Do you think valve will ever do something about it?
  19. Race

    What's the most annoying game mechanic to fight against?

    ie; Sticky spam, second scoping etc.
  20. Ozzysyn

    TF2 What's your favorite class and why?

    Personally, I like the medic and spy. I mainly mean in the sense of the character, but favorite to play works too!