1. cottage

    Selling Selling Unusuals, Stranges, Festives, KS', & Warpainted Items

    Yea.. I'm pretty cool. If your too lazy to check what I've stated below, here's the Hyperlink to all things I'm selling plus some cool stuff c: (Items will be crossed out as items get removed. Keep in mind this may be outdated) All Things listed are put below for listings (...
  2. The Orange Birb

    Strange Specialized Killstreak Apoco-Fists

    I am selling a Strange Specialized Killstreak Apoco-Fists (Sheen: Villainous Violet) for 23 Ref. Trade me (Click on the link below) if interested! :)
  3. Cynthia


    hello there , i am cynthia:katalpha:, also named by kiirfeim or météor, 1 am lvl 25 tier 2 , main sniper, demoman , soldier ,pyro and spy i can play every class but there is the top classes i actualy main.:katlove: i am a canadian QC player , french. A player who want to always make tf2 match...
  4. Captain Weeb


    Ok so the reason I'm making this post is to do 3 things. 1: Tell Y'all my story, 2: Tell you guys how not to get scammed (Fake bots, impersonation) and 3: To test my new signature (This one isn't that important but I wanted to share). As I've gotten more involved with mid-low tier trading and on...