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Aug 26, 2018
I've been gagged for a week for basically nothing. I'm ready to write a fucking novel about this. So, here's the plot: I'm in a jailbreak server, specifically the Minecraft day map. As you know, Jailbreak servers can be toxic, so this is nothing new. The whole server was fairly toxic, but, I don't really know why Holly decided to mute me. By this point you must be wondering, "Oh, I wonder what he did?" And if that's your question then I have an answer! Drum roll please..... I called someone a dumbass once because I corrected him about the rules. Now, these circumstances are important for my following anecdote. So, this next segment takes place about 1 hour after Holly, the admin that gagged me, left. At this point, another admin had joined. I don't know his actual administrative name, but his name at the time was "Spooky-Adam" or something of the sort. I jokingly said "tell holly shes stinky for gagging me", and he replied in a joking way as well, I can't remember exactly what he said, check his chat logs or something. And apparently, sometime today, Holly gagged me for a fucking WEEK for "disrespect and spam." I really would like to know how long ago that spam was. Even with the circumstances, was it really necessary for me to be gagged for a week, I mean, come on Holly. You have common sense. Do you honestly think I should be muted for 7 days for some spam that happened probably about 2 days ago, and someone calling you stinky, TO ANOTHER ADMIN? And is the word "stinky" really that much of an insult that you gag me because I say it against you? Your feelings are not that special. We all have feelings. And if you really think that such a small word as "stinky" really hurts you that much, I recommend not playing this hellhole of a game.

Now, on to why I should be un-gagged. This will be shorter than my other article.I feel I should be un-gagged because these punishments are unfair to the people playing on these servers, including me. It’s these types of admins that steer people away from these servers. Now, I like these servers, don’t get me wrong, but the admins, man. This disciplinary action is too harsh for people to actually like playing on these servers.

All in all, punishments are too harsh, admins need to cool it, and please, take my spiel under consideration.

Also I'm pretty sure my steam profile is linked on my forum profile, but if it's not, please let me know. If I am slow to replying, it's because my email is slow, so I get notifications for it late, and I have school. Anyways, thanks for looking at my appeal!


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May 29, 2018
You were originally gagged for toxicity, which in itself is enough for us to silence you. We later looked through your chat logs, going back to your last punishment and found more toxicity and spam resulting in us, staff, extending your punishment to another week since you've had one previously. This was not Holly whom extended it. I will not drop names as its irrelevant to the matter.

Seemingly as you were furious when you wrote this appeal, and half of it is a lowkey hit on Holly for doing what she is here for, I dont think you've learned your lesson at all. And yes, if we find anything in your logs going back to a previous punishment (if one have) we can punish you for it, as you've broken the rules at some point. Call it harsh if you wan't. It's just what we do.

You also wanted evidence/to know when you spammed, so here you go.
This is just a tiny bit of it, the past 14 days. Not even back to last punishment mind you. 2.png3.png4.png5.png6.png7.pngKloud appeal.pngPossibly encouring rulebreaking.pngnoob.png
Possibly a bit of encouraging rulebreaking as well?

Regardless, your gag is valid, and will stay. I will also remind you that next time you break the rules regarding communication its permanent silence. I hope you learn from this.

Appeal declined
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