Nov 19, 2021
I haven't really introduced myself so i felt if people knew me better i would feel better to be more open with this community

Hey ya'll, i'm Cas (lots of other people know me as Vespii but i changed my alias). I like hanging out and playing games with friends and some companies
I do photography work whenever i feel like i want to go outside to explore the outer world

I've also had experience administrating so i enjoy staffing servers on my spare time sometimes but i don't really do it that occasionally cause of obvious reasons (school ☻)

But hey, i'm also here for a nostalgia trip same with a friend that's willing to join me in here (The friend is Toxic/Sally). I hope to enjoy my time in here and see many new faces!
(I also have an obsession with capybaras, i mean who doesn't like them?)
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