Declined guardban appeal

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Jul 13, 2021
Armory (Iraq)
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it will take a while since the round start and the guardban command doesnt work
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it says im not guardbanned?
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alr so looks like the admin that gave my guardban made a mistake. although thank you for your support
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Apr 7, 2020
Inside the Cells of Jailbreak
It says you are guardbanned for freekill and apparently you actually did do something which was this:
(The mod who banned you said this)
“Warden gave the order to hug and face the back cell walls, Inside cell rebel day. The reds exited cells to go around and hug the back cell wall. Yarub saw a red coming at him (even thought yarub was in the path to go around) and thought that red was trying to rebel. Yarub then killed that red.”
Any of this ring a bell?
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