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Jul 2017
Hello! We encourage users who want to help out Wonderland to apply. However, we have high standards for applicants, and too much we run into users rushing to apply or some other issue. If you want legitimate advice on applying, read over here.

What do we want in applicants?;

What is most important when considering applicants is four things:
  • Behavior.
  • Activity.
  • Rule-knowledge.
  • Application.
We need users we can trust to be well-composed when handling rule-breakers in-game, be active with their job, know what rules they need to enforce, and, of course, also have a presentable application. I will go over all of these so you can best improve your chances of being accepted into staff.

What you must remember is that staff are role-models for players in the community. Therefore, we will not only judge you based on whether you have/haven’t broken rules, but whether you would be able to fit a position like this. Red-flags in this regard include:
  • Spamming binds (e.g. Lenny Face).
  • Any form of racism towards others (e.g. variants on racial slurs).
  • Disrespectful or provocative behavior towards others (e.g. taunting people based on their skill level and insulting rule-breakers).
  • Needless arguing with other users.
If you are appointed staff, we expect you to not just take up a position. We have many, many reports coming in around the clock, and so we are not going to be lenient on users who have subpar or inconsistent activity in-game. Forums and Discord are less important in this regard, but inactivity on either can still very much count against you.

Simply put, if you commonly need to be corrected on the rules (especially on Jailbreak), then we will not be able to trust you with enforcing them. Read over the rules so that you can recall them when need be. You are also free to ask staff questions on rules, which we encourage over drawing your own conclusions and possibly spreading false information.

I highly recommend you do not create your application in one sitting. Rushed applications can ruin a good applicant. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are putting together an application:
  • Do not just meet the requirements, but surpass them. Most accepted staff have 100+ hours of connection time, and have well-established a presence on the forums.
    • To an extent, we can allow one dispensable requirement to be missed, say if you got a VAC ban from a long time ago or you are under 16. However, you must then meet all the other requirements, and prove that this missed requirement isn’t a relevant issue.
  • Create an argument for why you should be staff. Passivity with Questions 3, 4, and 8 is highly discouraged.
  • Questions 3 and 4 are very much different. They certainly have similarities, but if you just read directly what each one asks and respond to that, you will be good.

Good luck with your application!
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