I have a problem with the !wear and !hatpaint command


Oct 1, 2019
Whenever I first started playing on wonderland, I used the !wear command to change my cosmetics, like !wear1 (#), !wear2 (#), and !wear3 (#). But recently I noticed a problem with something that started happening to me with this command, whatever I have put on my classes in the past, even if I change it it'll change back to what I had before whenever I rejoin a wonderland server, whether it is jailbreak, or any other wonderland server. I don't know how to reset these cosmetics to show what I am actually wearing from my inventory. Also whenever I do !wear1 0 for example, it will also reset back to my original setting on that upon rejoin. I also have an issue with the !hatpaint command, where my crabe de chapeau for the spy colors to grey and even if I change it, it'll change back to grey upon rejoin.

If anyone has any way to fix these issues, please let me know and I'll appreciate it, much love
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I also have cosmetics equiped on scout and sniper, which'll won't change even if I do !wear1 0, !wear2 0, and !wear3 0.