I need some help in Friday Night.


Mar 2021
Okay get this, I've been modding Friday Night Funkin' songs for awhile now, and it's gone relatively smoothly. Songs like Thorns, Roses, Fresh, etc etc, all modded with no hassle or stress. Just a simple drag and drop, and the modding is complete, the songs work, and everything is a-ok. Now, I've recently come across a road-bump. I decided, "Hey, ,Blammed is pretty cool and all, but I wish the vocals were different." So I took it upon myself to change the vocals. I added what I wanted, exported it as an mp4, then converted it to an ogg. I then changed the ogg file name to. "Blammed_Voices.ogg." Dragged in the file, replaced the file, and booted up the game. Simple right? Well, for some reason, this crashed the game. At first I assumed I did something wrong. After throwing it back into it's base mp4, re-making it, exporting and converting it into another ogg file, I dragged and dropped again, only for the game to crash again. Mind you, This is the same process I went though for EVERY song. BLAMMED was the only one I seemed to struggle in. Then it hit me, "The Vocals are probably coded into the game itself, I'll just change the song itself to host the vocals as well!" It was genius! I thought. Until I did the same process, booted up the game, and tried to select Blammed, only to be meet with another crash. I have tried getting a fresh file, a mod pack, and EVEN using the vanilla version of the game. But no matter what I did, Blammed never seemed to work. I'm at my wits end. Does anyone have any idea why this might happen? I'm willing to take any suggestions because I'm fed up with this.


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Nov 2020
How did you export the ogg file? Also, could you possibly DM me the file on discord so i could try it out myself and see what's going on?
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**Issue fixed:

The original file was an mp4. Convert it to an MP3 then to an OGG so the game can read it.
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