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Jailbreak rules

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Jul 11, 2017
Common Terms
Things defined here do not need to be explained in game.

  • AFK - basic keyboard actions are forbidden. This covers only movement, un-afk taunts, voice commands.
  • AFM - away from mouse fully. This does not cover mic or chat.
  • AFK AFM - away from keyboard & mouse fully. This command halts all movement & actions.
  • LR - last request
  • FF - friendly fire
  • CC - collisions
  • KOS - kill on sight
  • Bomb rush - travel without delays or detours
  • Freekill - killing a red without reason
  • Baiting - when a blue gets in melee range of a red, generally. See vii. Baiting for more detail.


  • Obby - obstacle course
  • DR - deathrun
  • Trivia - jeopardy or weakest link depending on the map you are playing on

Special Days / Rounds / Round Mini-games
  • Games/Days must be explained fully every time they are played unless they are in the list below.
  • Custom days may not infringe any of the reds protections under the rules.
  • Red are free to do what they like. If they attack guards or enter armory they will be KOS.
  • Guards cannot bait during this day.
  • Must be played to completion.
Hunger games

  • Hunger Games is a game mode where reds are set free and friendly fire is enabled.
  • The Warden may restrict the area's allowed, forbid teaming and allow or disallow ammo.
  • Blues may not bait but they can go spectate the game.
  • Must be played until completion.

  • A game mode where all the blues are sent to hide in a certain area and may not leave till they are last guard.
  • Inmates are then allowed to enter armory to get ammo and kill blues. FF may not be enabled during this game-mode.
  • Must be played until completion.

Hide and Seek
  • Must be started at beginning of round, all blues are required to stay in armory for a minimum of 3 minutes.
  • During which reds can hide after which blues may hunt and kill the reds.
  • Admin if online can choose or choose not to freeze blues, Must be played to completion.
  • Reds cannot hide in locations inaccessible to others.
General Jail Rules
  • The same day may not be run three times in a row.
  • Reds may hit and kill baiters, they may not chase them.
  • Any prisoner that enters armory is KOS.
  • If the warden has not given orders before the doors have opened it's a freeday.
  • Upon warden death, it will be a freeday, unless a guard has taken his/her place after their death.
  • Ghosting is forbidden. This means a dead person giving any info away or influencing game in anyway.
  • Rebels can be pardoned when their rebel status goes away,
  • they are auto pardoned if it went away and no one saw them kill or hit the guard.
  • Freedays however are not eligible for last request under any circumstance.
  • No hiding in areas you cannot be found, e.g secret rooms that only work once
  • Blues cannot medic or armory camp.
  • Do not delay the round or stall the round.
  • Do not abuse any exploits / glitches, instead notify any of the admins or make a thread on the forum.
  • Destroying buildings is not KOS unless warden specifies such.
  • Guards and Wardens may not kill reds with map exploits such as doors, in the case of accidents the blue should slay themselves.
  • Medics assisting rebellers are considered rebellers themselves.
  • VIP's may change classes during the round, provided they are not in combat.
  • Players may not speak over warden, the sole exception being an admin.
  • Taunt days and meat grinder are both banned.
  • If you leave the cells via any method before the cells open, you are auto KOS.
  • You must be AFK to ask for a repeat, and remain AFK for that repeat.
  • You must use the '!r' command to ask for a repeat.
  • You are always allowed to ask for a repeat, even if it means postponing a current order. (For example typing !r whilst crouch walking).

Warden Rules

  • The warden must have a tolerable/satisfactory microphone for others to hear clearly.
  • Commands only apply if said through voice-chat.
  • Warden isn't allowed on freedays.
  • Friendly fire such as cell wars is permitted but can only be used every 3 days.
  • The warden cannot give an order to kill another guard.
  • The warden cannot give impossible orders, trick orders are allowed.
  • The warden cannot give orders which force the death of a red. For example, "run into the sawblade."
  • The warden cannot lie.
  • The warden must give one repeat per order, unless a red doesn't request it.
  • The warden is considered baiting if close enough to a red.
  • No freekilling.
  • The warden must have a clear working microphone.
  • Do not be AFK, doing this can delay the round.
  • Warden can only reset traps if death run is being done a second time.
  • A wardens order is overwritten by new orders if they contradict each other, the exception to this being if the order is a day.
  • You may force an Engineer to move/destroy his buildings with a proper reason.
Guard Rules

  • Last guard rule - the last guard is allowed to massacre the remaining reds, or choose to continue the round. However, if the massacre has started then no last request can be issued. Last guard is not the same as only guard either, one guard must have died for it to be considered Last guard.
  • Guards do not give orders.
  • Guards must listen to the warden at all times.
  • Guards must not roam and play mini-games as they please unless the warden states they can or they are searching for a rebel.
  • Opening the doors before the round has started will result in a team ban. Guards need warden's permission to open cells.
  • Throwing/hitting mad milk, jarate or any other sources that don't damage the reds are considered "freehitting".
  • Guards must have a tolerable/satisfactory microphone for others to hear clearly.
  • The exception to this being if the guard team needs filling and there are no mics available to do so.

A freeday will be considered KOS if they do the following listed;
  • Block paths or block doorways preventing guards from entering somewhere
  • purposely after being asked to move.
  • Press any mini-game buttons if they are active.
  • Healing a rebeller.
  • Enter the armory.
  • Attack a guard.
Last Requests

  • Once the last request is given, the red who received last request does not need to follow wardens orders and cannot be killed under any circumstances.
  • A death request must be provided. If this prisoner is killed by a guard under any means, it will be treated like a free kill.
  • A death request is not limited to one command. Any orders given by the last request receiver are considered as being the 'death request' of the last request receiver. Denying or delaying the death request is punishable.
  • If a death request is not stated and the last request receiver starts hitting a blue, the blue must let the red kill them as it would be delaying otherwise.
  • Death requests exceeding two minutes may be ended at guards discretion.
  • Last request does not transfer over maps. Ignore any custom last request given from the last map.
  • If the custom last request requires the warden to say a word/sentence after every order, etc. The warden can decide if he/she wants to perform the custom last request, warden has the right to deny that sort of custom requests.
  • The custom last request cannot include something that might break the server rules/or jailbreak rules, doing this kind of last request will be ignored.


  • Baiting is when a blue gets into melee range of a red, when a heavy revs their mini-gun at reds, or when a sniper scopes on or near a red.
  • Reds are not allowed to chase baiters, this means when hitting a baiter in your melee range,
  • you are not allowed to follow the baiter to attempt to hit the baiter more.
  • Guards entering red only area's such as Red deathrun are baiting and may be killed while they are inside.
  • Guards entering a red cell are also baiting and a red may hit them to remove them,
  • including during days such as lava day.
  • Laying sticky bombs is considered baiting. (Laying them near reds for no reason will subject to a guard ban.)
  • Favouritism is described as giving particular players an advantage or putting players at a disadvantage.
  • Favouritism is strictly forbidden.
  • Only staff can define what favouritism is.

These are a set of precedents which must be followed when interpreting rules.
  • A red is not a rebeller if they win a game of RPS against a guard,
  • similarly a guard winning RPS is not Freekilling.
  • VIPs may not use the change class command to gain weapons during melee only days.
  • Standing in the armory door and keeping it open or blocking the entrance is considered rebelling.
  • Sprayed lines are not considered lines, therefore going to a sprayed line may make you KOS.
  • If warden says the line in front of cells, it is considered to be the first line in front of cells ergo the closest one.
  • Deliberately spreading false info about the game/rules is against the rules.
  • The last standing warden may choose if he wants to kill all red team players or if he wants to finish the round without killing every red team player.
  • However once he picks one he is committed to it, you must also !uw in the case that you plan to kill all.
  • Standing in a cell door is not considered out of cell.
  • In the Chretien Map, blues may camp the blue spawn as it is not armoury, any red entering is KOS, any red passing metal detectors is also KOS.
  • Multiple negative orders are not permitted.
  • The last wardens order contradicts all previous orders, except during a day where the last wardens order is overridden by the day.
  • Crouching and AFK, AFK are not compatible therefore any order to AFK means reds must stand up.
  • Reds must be allowed some method of communications, therefore you cannot forbid them from speaking both in chat and in Mic,
  • Similarly you cannot tell them to crouch the whole day therefore meaning they can't chat and order them to not speak on mic.
  • Reds can not be given DR, LR or pardoned when they are the last rebelling Red.
  • Healing/Unhealing is considered AFM unless the warden orders otherwise.
  • It's assumed when you are ordered to head to a warden marker that you are required to go to further markers until told otherwise.

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Jul 11, 2017
Update 31/7/2017:

You may not require a red to finish any order/minigame to get LR. It should be given as soon as the they are the last red provided they haven't rebelled. (This was already a rule but go lost in forum reset).

Dead and Spectator cannot use Mic chat.

Orders such as whoever Jumps first gets LR are banned.

Do not impersonate the warden(Giving orders as normal guard or red)


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Jul 11, 2017
Update 6/8/2017:

(These are actually not updates, all have been rules but it seems there has been confusion over them so I'm restating)

Cloaking is forbidden, disguising is not forbidden however.

Spreading purposely false info about a wardens orders or the rules is not allowed.

VIP's should not be running Mic Checks under any circumstances.


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Jul 11, 2017
Update 25/09/17

Auschwitz Day:
Reds must be given 2 minutes to hide.
Weapons other than the Lugermorph may be used.
Plays until round end, No LR's.

VIP's may not change classes unless they have not been in combat/pursual for a minute. They are limited to one class change a round.

Warden hogging is forbidden, all blues must be given a chance to go warden.


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Jul 13, 2017
Update 27/04/18

Added the following to prevent confusion concerning AFM:
  • Healing/Unhealing is considered AFM unless the warden orders otherwise.


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Jul 15, 2017
Update 25/05/18:
  • Guards need wardens permission to open cells.
This was already a ruling, however has been now written down for clarification.

Completely new rulings:
  • It's assumed when you are ordered to head to a warden marker that you are required to go to further markers until told otherwise.
  • Death requests exceeding two minutes may be ended at guards discretion.


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Jul 15, 2017
Update 03/06/18:

To amend a ruling previously made in an update:
  • Disguising is considered baiting.
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