Resolved Red Demoman Charging Glitch [JAILBREAK]

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Apr 22, 2018
Server: All Jailbreak servers

Hello, this glitch has been going on for months.
I sincerely apologize that i didn't report earlier. I'm willing to accept a punishment for it.
But now since there are so many people abusing this glitch in the jailbreak servers, i found it really necessary to try to get this patched.

So here's how the glitch works.

Looking back months, charging on red team had already been restricted. But even that did not stop the charging demomen.
Since i found out about it in the first place, i know how to precisely do it.
step 1: Equip a shield on demoman (Typically, many people use the splendid screen due to its recharge speed)
step 2: Run, and then Jump+Crouch, then Charge. This combination must be executed extremely fast and in order.
step 3: If executed successfully, the user will be leaping through the air really fast.
(Please note, when the user executes the glitch, the user will be boosted and leaping through the air. Therefore, this is not an exact TF2 Demoman charge, however, it is considered game breaking.)

Considerable solutions:
Disable the prompt to charge completely. This means that, when you M2 to charge, nothing will happen at all.
The root of the glitch comes from the shields not being FULLY restricted. and when i mean FULLY, i mean that demoman can still technically charge by clicking m2, but charging will only move the demoman forward by a little bit. That's why i'm telling to disable the charge prompt completely.
If that doesn't work, the last resort would be to restrict demoman shields as a whole.

If you request a video, i will gladly record.
If you have any more questions as well, please ask.

For all you do, thank you.
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Sep 3, 2018
kinda unfair blue team can charge but not red team. i've tried doing this glitch i doesn't work like an actual charge. the least they could do is if the demoman got ammo they would be able to charge.
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