The most powerful screen recorder, ever.


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Jul 31, 2019
*disclaimer* I believe this can only be enabled on Windows 10. Have not found an alternative program for background screen recording.

Like many others, I've been trying to find the most effective way to gather evidence on rule breakers. And I think I've found it.
I used to simply wait for something to happen (late spawning, mass freekill, etc: ) and then I would turn on my screen recorder. It was painfully annoying because I'd be recording for rounds and rounds (wasting space and fps) for them to do it again. Super ineffective.

I'm not sure if many people know this, but on Windows 10, theres an option for Game DVR. One has the ability to enable background recording and that's what makes this super useful. Basically, you wait until something really bad happens and then press Win + Alt + G and Game DVR will save the last 1 minute of gameplay.
You simply open up settings and click on Gaming.

Enable the Game bar (if it isn't enabled already).

Enable "Record in the background" and that should be it.
To find out where your clips go, just click on "Open folder".
You can also configure how long it should "Record that" (It's 30 seconds on default but I think 1 minute is way better).

Now try opening up TF2 and pressing Win + g.
This should pop up in the bottom of your screen.
Click on "Record that" to record the last 30 seconds of gameplay. Alternatively, you can press Alt + Win + G to "Record that".
The clip should end up in a folder of your PC.

(After that I'll usually upload the clip to Google drive and then get the share link in order to attach the video as evidence.)
This has worked way better than OBS Screen Recorder (for obvious reasons) and I haven't noticed much FPS drop while playing. All in all, this is something really powerful and I hope that more people will start utilizing screen recorders (Game DVR or whatever other programs) in order to make servers more safe and fun.



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Dec 9, 2017
Or you can just take your phone and start recording it.

Jk, thnx for sharing this trick!
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