What are your past experiences with trade scams?

First time I was scammed was when I was promised to be gifted Garry's Mod Back in like 2015 (I was like 11 at the time.) And the guy told me "If you give me blah blah blah, random list of TF2 Items I'll gift you Garry's Mod." So I did, as the gullible child I was, and I never heard from him again. I'm pretty sure the items I gave him are worth like 6-7 keys nowadays so.


Apr 3, 2021
A month ago I made one of the biggest mistakes ever by trusting someone to giving them my items for some item verification thing. I was aware of this scam method but at the time, I wasn’t clearly focused and was sleepy. So I fucked up and gave up $700 worth of items which had all of my unusuals, taunts, australiums, and most of my cosmetics..