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    Remiss' Mega Gay Giveaway

    OG PBfortress members who migrated
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    Invalid Glitched Guard ban

    Steam profile?
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    Declined I was banned for report a player and why?

    You must have a legitimate reason whenever you choose to use /call. A player killing friendlies is not a legitimate reason, so next time you use /call please refer to our rules. Appeal denied.
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    Resolved MFK : Martin Lucifer Coon

    Player has been punished, thanks for the report!
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    Declined Lolichu's application

    I completely agree with Neliel over your recent mistake, but Eight’s points about your behavior is concerning and I have to worry about maturity. I’ll be willing to give you the benefit of the doubt since you argue that you’ve improved since then and are active in our community. +1
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    2019 Staff Artwork

    This has been in the works for a solid month now and I'm glad to say it's finally done! Unfortunately I didn't have the time to draw the whole staff team, but being able to design the majority of the members was still fun and interesting. Staff List: Eight Xanerino Superguard Raspootis LUV...
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    Resolved Chat Spam ( Neonatsku)

    Regardless of Neonatsku's promises of stopping their spam, they have failed to comply to warnings from not only other players but also a staff member. If you, Redhood, are able to resize the file of Neonatsku mic spamming/earraping feel free to do that and dm me it. Besides that, player has...
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    Invalid Mass freekilling

    Please fill out your report correctly(include all information as outlined below) SteamID / STEAM profile of the player: Player name: Date of incident: Server name / IP: Proof of evidence in form of: TF2 demo / video recording screenshots Explain what happened & include as much information as...
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    Common Jailbreak Misconceptions

    Last guard kills all still applies during death requests :wesmart:
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    My 12th application

    Thank you Omelet, very cool!
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    Invalid (TF2 ) Guard Ban Appeal for Freekilling

    Guardban has expired. Appeal closed.
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    Declined speedy is requesting a ungag/unmute/unsilence

    I mean, that’s why we silence players who use racial slurs— to get the message across that they should not do it again. The fact that you have little to no communicable abilities on our servers enforces the idea that “Hey, this sucks. Maybe I shouldn’t break this rule again.” Allowing you to...